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Popcorn ceiling removal Pensacola contractor available

Are you considering a popcorn ceiling removal project for your Pensacola home? If so, you’re not alone. There are a lot of Popcorn Ceiling Removal Pensacolaolder homes in Pensacola and the surrounding area that have popcorn ceiling texture.

But a search for, “popcorn ceiling removal Pensacola contractor” will mostly return results for contractor lead services like Home Advisor or Porch. Finding a Pensacola painting contractor that specialized in popcorn ceiling removal is not necessarily easy. Many painters don’t want to undertake this type of project.

Removing ceiling texture can be messy and labor intensive And the “unknown” stops some contractors from doing popcorn removal jobs. Drywall contractors have relied on popcorn texture to hide imperfections. So sometimes it is necessary to re-mud and skim coat large sections of ceilings. It’s difficult to anticipate this extra labor until the texture is removed.

Why remove popcorn ceiling texture?

Popcorn ceilings were in style in the 1970’s through the late 1990’s. They were often represented as being acoustic textured ceilings. Popcorn ceiling texture hides a lot of imperfections so drywall contractors sometimes took shortcuts.

But today homeowners find popcorn ceilings to be out dated and unattractive. Popcorn ceiling texture also has the tendency to hold a lot of dust and dirt. They are hard to clean. They also get stained easily. This is especially true in kitchens and in homes with smokers.

Sometimes it makes more sense to remove the popcorn ceiling rather than try to match the texture on a damaged ceiling. Roof leaks and falling popcorn texture often start the conversation about removal.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, your realtor may recommend removing your popcorn ceiling. Most prospective home buyers will see a popcorn ceiling as out dated. They will also be wary, not knowing the cost to remove the popcorn texture.

What to expect about the popcorn removal process

Most people will tell you that popcorn removal is messy. The truth is, the degree of messiness, is often determined by the contractor. Never the less, there’s steps you can take to minimize the mess. You should:

  • Remove your curtains and blinds if possible ( the more thorough contractors will do this for you)
  • Take down your pictures and wall hangings
  • Move any antiques so they are not damaged as the workers may be your moving furniture
  • Turn off your heating and cooling system so dust is not sucked into your intake register

If it’s not possible to remove your furniture the workers will cover it with plastic. The floor is typically covered with a large tarp. Plastic is taped where the wall and ceiling meet. This allows the scrapped texture to stay off the wall. The tarp is removed and the floor or carpet is vacuumed.

It is often necessary to skim coat the ceiling to hide imperfections. This typically requires a clean tarp and more plastic because additional sanding may be required.

Once the ceiling is smooth and free from imperfections it can be painted. Many homeowners want a light orange peel texture to be applied prior to painting.

Hiring tipsReliable Painting Pros, LLC - BBB Accredited

Popcorn ceiling texture removal is not a job for a novice. Hiring just any painter to remove your ceiling texture could result in a costly mistake. Here are some tips to follow when hiring a popcorn ceiling removal Pensacola contractor:

  1. Use only a licensed and insured contractor. (ask to see insurance certificates)
  2. Make sure this specialty is included in the contractor’s list of services.
  3. Check the company’s reviews online.
  4. Use a BBB accredited business. The BBB requires a background check for accreditation.
  5. Ask if the company has a business location or if they just work out of their truck.
  6. Don’t pay more than 25% down when you sign a contract.
  7. Ask when your job will begin and how long it will take.

Keep these tips in mind to insure a good experience with the job and the contractor you choose.

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