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Painting contractors near me – understanding the search results

You need to get your house painted. But who do you call? Most people search online. A popular search query is, “painting contractors near me” or some variation. Maybe, you search for, “house painters near me”. None the less, you’re hoping to find a local painting contractor you can trust.Painting Contractors Near Me

This article will help you understand the search results and maybe save you a headache. You see, many of the top search results are not painting contractors at all.

In fact, they’re companies that get your information and then sell it to several painting contractors. Surprise! Get ready for countless contractors to call you. That is, call you multiple times.

Companies like Home Advisor, Angie’s List and many others present themselves as offering helpful information to homeowners. But the truth is, their business model is to generate leads for contractors that sign up with them. Some of these contractors will even give you prices over the phone. That is just crazy!

Some of these painters will be very aggressive. After all, they spent money to buy your personal information. Think phone calls when you’re sitting down for dinner. And it all started with searching for, “painting contractors near me”.

Painting company ads, Google listings and information specific to your search

When you search for, “painting contractors near me” or “house painters near me”, the first listings are paid ads. They may be companies selling your personal information or they may be local painting contractors. Some of these local painting companies may be franchises.

Below the ads are the Google business listings. So, if you are in Pensacola Fl, the chances are pretty good that these listings will be for Pensacola painting contractors. These listings will allow you to visit their website, get directions and see their online reviews. If there is no website or “Get Directions” link you may have found someone working out of their truck.

Viewing a company’s website can give you valuable information about heir business. Are they licensed, insured and BBB accredited?. Are they easy to contact? If the Google listing doesn’t include a “Get Directions” link, they may be hard to find when you need service after the job is done.

Below the Google business listings you’ll the organic listings. These are non-ad listings specific to your search. When searching for painting contractors near me you’ll find a mixture of content from lead generation websites and local painter’s websites. Your likely to find painters who remove popcorn ceiling texture if your search was for, “popcorn ceiling removal Pensacola” in these listings. Or any other topic specific to your search.

The downside of comparing Pensacola painting contractors from lead generation websites

Painters are not necessarily vetted when they sign up for a lead generation website. Providing proof of a license or insurance is not required. BBB accreditation is not required. Of course you do not necessarily have this information when contacting a local painter, but they’re not calling you because they bought your personal information.

Only companies that buy your information compete for your business when you use a lead generation website. You’re missing out on a lot of painting contractors near you that have the ability to be successful without buying your contact information. This limits you to the hungry school of piranhas subscribing  to a lead service. Searching for, “house painters near me” doesn’t necessarily give you the best painters.

What you should look for in a local painting contractor

There are several things you should look for when hiring a painting contractor. A nationally recognized brand name or a brand new fleet of vehicles are not necessarily one of them. Here’s what you should look for:

  • A properly licensed and insured painting contractor
  • A company that’s BBB accredited
  • Getting a written estimate
  • Labor warranty – in writing!
  • The companies physical address
  • Online reviews
  • The brand and quality of paint being used on your job
  • Convenience of paying with a credit card if desired
  • Someone who is professional and trustworthy

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