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Painting kitchen cabinets – Cost effective kitchen cabinet makeover

There are several ways to update your home and get a good return on your investment. Painting kitchen cabinets is cost effective way to add beauty and value to your home.

Although painting your cabinets or having a local painter do the job is not necessarily a guarantee that things will go as planned. Painting kitchen cabinets is a specialty. If done incorrectly, it can result in more work and expense when you call in a professional to do the re-do job. But more about that later.

Benefits of painting your kitchen cabinets

Spraying Kitchen Cabinet DoorsReliable Painting Pros, LLC is a professional painting contractor located in Pensacola. We inspect kitchen cabinets and provide free written estimates everyday. Other than the sheer beauty of a professional paint job, the cost of painting cabinets versus cabinet re-facing or installing new kitchen cabinets is a huge overall benefit for most homeowners.

The overall cost of painting is determined by the size of a kitchen, the style of cabinets and what they’re made of. It will also cost more to replace hardware. A quick search online will show that prices will range from $1500 to $7000 to have your cabinets professionally painted in the Pensacola area. The $3000 – $4500 range is the norm. This is definitely a time when size, cabinet style and what a cabinet is made of matters.

The costs

Most homeowners expect that a large kitchen will cost more than a small kitchen. But should also understand that size is just one determinant of cost. Here are some other factors to consider:

  • What are the cabinets made of? If your cabinets are made from particle board, expect that after prepping the doors, drawer faces and cabinet boxes, extra coats may be required due to paint soaking in. This will add time and labor cost to the job.
  • Have the cabinets been previously re-painted or do they have original paint or stain? Cabinets that have the original finish are often easier than painting cabinets that have previously been repainted. This is especially true if the previous painter did not use the correct type of paint or prepped incorrectly. More time and labor are required to remove the incorrect type of paint than the prep required for cabinets with original paint or stain.
  • Are the cabinets ornate? Ornate cabinets cost more than simpler cabinets.
  • Are you changing the hardware? Extra costs won’t be uncured if your new hardware lines up with the existing holes, you won’t incur extra costs. All the hardware has to be removed anyway. If the holes the holes do not line up they will need to be filled and new holes drilled . This will add to the cost to paint kitchen cabinets.

Why paying for a professional is worth itReliable Painting Pros, LLC - BBB Accredited

If you visit a Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint store they will tell you that repainting kitchen cabinets is a specialty. There is a certain process that must be followed. The correct tools must be used and the product really matters. If you really want to be disappointed call your neighbor’s friend’s brother who painted a house once! No… this is the time to call a professional.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve looked at a lot of cabinets and a fair amount of the time, we’re being asked to fix what the previous painter has done. More often than not, it often involves removing the wrong type of paint. This adds to the overall cost of the job. We also see previously repainted cabinets with very noticeable brush marks or areas that were just plain missed altogether.

If you’re serious about painting your kitchen cabinets call Reliable Painting Pros, LLC at 850-712-0248 or complete the form at the top right of this page. We are properly licensed, fully insured and BBB accredited.

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