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What you need to know when comparing house painters in Pensacola

A quick online search of, “house painters Pensacola” or “house painters near me” will result in a lot of choices. But how do you know which house painters to compare and which to weed out?Reliable Painting Pros House Painter in Pensacola

This article will address 5 questions you should ask a Pensacola painting contractor before you hire them.

Getting your house painted can be a sizable investment.  Vetting house painters can save you a lot headaches, whether you’ve had your home painted in the past or if you are a new homeowner.

5 questions to ask painters

Are you licensed and insured?

Getting licensed as a painter in Escambia County or Santa Rosa County doesn’t require much. Prospective licensees are not required to demonstrate competency. Nor are they required to pass a test. Getting licensed as a painting contractor in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties doesn’t even require proof of insurance.

House painters in Pensacola merely stop by the City tax office and purchase a Business Tax Receipt. This was formerly referred to as an occupational license. In Escambia County and Santa Rosa County the process is the same.

Never the less, you should ask to see the Business Tax Receipt. You don’t want your job shut down because a painter didn’t follow the rules.That online search for, “house painters Pensacola” could result in hiring an unlicensed painting contractor.

Even if you look the other way on the Business Tax Receipt, you’d be taking a chance if you hire an uninsured house painter. House painters should carry liability insurance and worker’s comp insurance. Liability insurance protects you against any damage to your property caused by the painting contractor. Worker’s comp insurance protects you if a worker is hurt on your property.

Think twice before you hire a painting contractor without insurance. Saving a few dollars on a paint job is not worth paying for home repairs or getting sued when a painter gets hurt.

Is your company BBB accredited and do you have positive reviews?

A professional painting contractor will be BBB accredited. Accreditation requires a background check and accepting a code of conduct. This shows that you are dealing with a company that cares about their reputation and they care about you as well.

You can also read reviews on the BBB website and check for any complaints. Also, you can type the painting contractor’s name into Google to see their online reviews.

Do you have a business office? Where are you located?

For most purchases we make, we don’t often buy from a company that we can’t locate after the sale or service. Unfortunately,  it’s heard too often that, ” they did some work for me and I never heard from them again”. Working with a house painter that has a business office demonstrates that they are a professional company. If you need to have service done after the job it’s a lot easier to get  if you can stop by their office.

Can you describe the prep that takes place before you start painting? What products will you use? Do you have a labor warranty?

The prep that goes into a paint job determines how it will look and if it will last. It throws up a red flag if a house painter takes a walk around your home and gives you a price without detailing the process. Here are some things you should look for:

Exterior jobs:

  • Pressure washing with a mild cleaner
  • Inspecting for and replacing any non-structural rotten wood
  • Scraping and sanding (where applicable)
  • Caulking
  • Applying a primer coat if needed
  • Painting with a high quality product
  • Removing all job debris

Interior jobs:

  • Placing drop cloths
  • Moving furniture and covering with plastic
  • Removing electrical plates
  • Inspecting for and repairing drywall damage
  • Prepping doors and trim
  • Caulking
  • Applying primer if needed
  • Painting with a high quality product like Sherwin Williams Duration
  • Installing electrical plates, placing furniture and removing job debris

Prep is generally specific to the type of job. For instance prepping for popcorn ceiling removal or kitchen cabinet painting can vary.

There’s a good chance that you won’t have a written labor warranty if the prep is lacking. Don’t rely on the paint warranty on the side of the can. That’s only as good as the prep and the application of the paint. A professional painter should back up their work with a labor warranty.

Will I receive a written estimate? What form of payment do you take?

You should receive a written estimate at the time of the appointment unless your job is very detailed or unique. Your estimate should describe the area to be painted, the required prep, the products to be used and the price. It’s customary to pay a deposit to get on the schedule and have the painting contractor  line up materials.

Most professional house painters in Pensacola will accept checks, cash and all major credit cards. Financing may be available for large jobs.

Reliable Painting Pros, LLC – Pensacola painting contractor offering free estimates

Getting the 5 questions above answered to your satisfaction will ensure a positive experience. There are some quality painting contractors in Pensacola and the surrounding area that are worthy of your consideration. You can often save a lot of time by asking at least some of these questions over the phone.

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